【Summer Season Only】Hot-Air Balloon Experience

Japan’s very hot air balloon flight was here in Rusutsu (Makkari area of Hokkaido) in 1969.
Why not enjoy the scenery of Rusutsu from 30m above the ground?
Feel the vast nature of Hokkaido and experience an unforgettable memory here in Rusutsu.
No special preparations or dress code is necessary for a casual and easy flight.
Take full advantage of our “set plans” exclusive to overnight guests, if you are lodging as well.

*Participation is possible even if you come directly during operational hours*
*The ride is safe and fixed into position with rope*

Meeting Area
Rusutsu Resort behind North Wing Hot-Air Balloon Flight Experience Venue
(Above the North Wing tennis court, the slope next to the riding area)

Recommended Clothing
Early morning can be cold so long-sleeved clothing is recommended.
Moveable attire, like pants and sneakers are recommended because stepping over is required to get into the basket.

Depending on the situation, waiting may be required for onboarding.
Onboarding is in order of reception, so we recommend completing reception as soon as possible.

As the sun begins to rise in the early morning, the wind becomes stronger, possibly leading to cancellation of the flight.
We recommend coming as soon as possible.

Please note you may be asked to ride with other customers to adjust weight.
(Capacity is 4~5 people depending on weight)

Babies and pregnant women can board when the weather is calm; but may be refused if there is wind.

Hot-Air Balloons are also vulnerable to rain, so flight may be suspended or cancelled if it rains or wind speed is over 3m.
These suspension and cancellation may occur without notice due to weather changes.
Please make sure to check flight status before coming to the venue.

※The images are for illustrative purposes only.。

Mid July ~ Aug.31 (Everyday)
Adults 2,800 Yen (Middle-schoolers and above)
Children 2,200 Yen (Ages 6~Elementary School)
Infants 1,100 Yen(Ages 3~5)、Under 2 are free(Up to 1 infant per adult)
Early Morning 6:30~7:30 (Reception 6:20~7:30)
Evening 17:00~18:00 (Reception 16:40~18:00)
・Depending on weather, flight may be cancelled even after registration

・Participation is possible even if you come directly during operational hours

・Boarding time cannot be specified. Boarding will be in the order of reception of the day, so take a reception number upon arrival

*As a safety precaution, we may cancel same day flights due to bad weather conditions.

To check operation and flight status, please call us during hours of operation.

TEL:080-9003-0789(Clydesdale Hot-Air Balloon)