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Hokkaido Rusutsu Glamping Snow Pod
3 exclusive facilities surrounded beautifully by nature,
are established in the heart of Hokkaido's resort area Rusutsu.

"Hokkaido Rusutsu Glamping Snow Pod",
is the first glamping facility ever,
to be established in Rusutsu: a globally recognized resort area .
For summer, enjoy our authentic barbecue made from local ingredients,
fresh from the great natures of Hokkaido;
while conversing with friends while gazing at the campfire.
The winter enjoy powder snow and winter sports that is loved all over the world.
We will make your stay in the glamping dome equipped with air conditioning and heating comfortable even in the snow.
Fully enjoy the great natures of Rusutsu,
without having to compromise any of the luxury.
Like waking up comfortably,
to the sound of chirping of birds.

Hokkaido Rusutsu Glamping Snow Pod
8 Reasons to Go

GLAMPING in the Great Wilderness

Experience Hokkaido's resort area, Rusutsu
GLAMPING in the Great Wilderness

Located at a 1.5 hour drive from New Chitose Airport/Sapporo and 30 minutes away from Lake Toya/ Niseko; Rusutsu is surrounded by beautiful nature and is one of Japan's leading outdoor resort areas.
The Glamping facility with 3 towers, consists of a Dome Tent and trailer house, which will be the first of its kind .
in Rusutsu.Escape the ordinary, and enjoy the extraordinary wilderness, that will surely soothe your heart.

Luxurious Glamping BBQ

Enjoy the best powder snow

Rusutsu, the holy land of snow sports, attracts many visitors from all over the world in winter. After enjoying the vast slopes, which are the largest in Hokkaido, and the silvery white scenery to the fullest, enjoy the most extraordinary time in a warm, Kamakura-shaped dome tent or trailer.

Spacious and pleasant Large Dome Tent

First ever in Rusutsu area
Spacious and pleasant Large Dome Tent
【Fully equipped with bathroom and shower room】

Two "Kamakura-style" Dome Tents are built to overlook the grand wilderness.
With a diameter of 7m and a high ceiling, the facility is fully equipped with air conditioning, heating, and is coordinated with aesthetic interior design.This extraordinary glamping experience can be enjoyed not only in the summer, but also in the winter snow.
Additionally, at a normal Glamping facility you would need to go outside to use the bathroom and shower room;
however, our Snow Pod Dome Tents provides this indoors for a more secure and comfortable experience.

Trailer House

Trailer House

Enjoy the facilities of a villa, and excitement of a secret base at our Mobile home-style trailer houses.Fully equipped with a kitchen, living/dining room, bedroom, loft, bathroom/washroom;a long stay, like during ski season, is very convenient.

Activity Variety

Enjoy the great nature with
Activity Variety

Surrounded by nature, Rusutsu is one of the world's leading outdoor resort area.
Amusement parks, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing, para-gliding and trekking in the summer;
Skiing and snowboarding on the finest powder snow during the winter; enjoy a variety of activities during any season.
We even periodically provide an opportunity to pilot your own hot air balloon (exclusive to summer time)Combine your favorite activities with glamping to fulfill your very own extraordinary experience.

Bonfire Under the Starry Sky

Privately enjoyable with your very own bonfire
Bonfire Under the Starry Sky

Enjoy your very own bonfire with our setup of individual bonfire stands.
It's safe, easy to handle, and doesn't require any tedious cleanup.Appreciate a truly extraordinary and private bonfire experience under the starry sky with a drink in hand.
■bonfire is summer season only

Individual Bath & Wash Room

Safe and secure for outdoor beginners
Individual Bath & Wash Room

Each of our "Snow Pods" are equipped with a washing machine, bathroom and shower room.
Be one of the first to enjoy this new Glamping experience with the facilities being the first ever in Hokkaido.
Also be sure to enjoy a day-trip to Rusutsu's hot springs 【Rusutsu Onsen】which is only a 10 minute drive.

Hotel Equivalent Amenities

Hotel Equivalent Amenities

Not just basic items like towels and toothbrushes, we also provide amenities such as toners and lotion.


Our rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating,
ensuring a comfortable stay regardless of season.

  • Dome-Tent


    Bed Count
    Semi-double: 4
  • Trailer House

    Trailer House

    Bed Count 
    Single: 2
    Loft Futon Set: 2

for Beginners

    • Shower・Bathroom

    • Each room is fully equipped with a bathroom separated from the shower room.

    • Refrigerator ・Washing Machine​

    • Fully equipped in each room.

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Enjoy exclusive activities that can only be enjoyed here.


Area info

Hokkaido Rusutsu Glamping Snow Pod


We will answer any inquiries regarding the facilities.
You can also see details regarding facilities and equipment in our "Accommodations" page.


Check-in Location

Pension Clydesdale Premises
55-15 Izumikawa, Rusutsu Village, Abuta District, Hokkaido,
ルスツグランピング スノーポッド

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