Enjoy Hokkaido Rusutsu Summer

◆Enjoy Hokkaido Rusutsu Summer◆

Extraordinary glamping stay where you can feel the refreshing breeze
surrounded by rich natureDuring the day,
you can relax and play with nature,
and for dinner, enjoy a BBQ in a private space and conversing with friends
while gazing at the campfire.
Fully enjoy the great natures of Rusutsu,
without having to compromise any of the luxury.

Dining Space

Private Dining Space

A separate eating area is available right next to your room.
The private wooden-deck has a roof with vinyl curtains enabling a safe and great BBQ, regardless of the rain.

BBQ Dinner

BBQ Dinner

Enjoy our authentic barbecue made from local fresh ingredients from the great natures of Hokkaido.
Or, You can enjoy your own BBQ on overnight stay without meals plan
※As firearms are not allowed, please rent a BBQ grill (charged for the no meal plan).



To meal in the nice and cool morning We will have served the white bread of a handmade bagel and Heidi.

Bonfire Under the Starry Sky

Bonfire Under the Starry Sky

Enjoy your own bonfire with our setup of individual bonfire stands.
It's safe, easy to handle, and doesn't require any tedious clean up.
Appreciate a truly extraordinary and private bonfire experience under the starry sky.

Hot-Air Balloon Experience

【Summer season Only】Hot-Air Balloon Experience

From mid-July to late August, a hot air balloon experience is available only to enjoy the great nature of Rusutsu from the sky.
Enjoy the view of Rusutsu from 30 meters above the ground in a hot-air balloon, an experience unique to Hokkaido.



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